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We’re AmberWay. A wealth services team led by bright, down-to-earth human professionals.

Our approach

Toward a golden dawn.

When it comes to moving financially forward, the answers are seldom straightforward.

At AmberWay, we move past vague formulas and philosophies, buzzwords and trends, to walk a brighter way based on timeless discipline and personal character. We’re named AmberWay because our approach bears the clear, optimistic energy of each new sunrise. Tomorrow can, and will, always be our best day. And it’s going to be amazing.

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Our Services

As you make your way.

Investment Management

We point you toward smart opportunities to invest your wealth.

At AmberWay, our investment strategy sets you up with a diversified portfolio to weather evolving market conditions. We align ourselves with your family’s unique goals and follow careful research to make the best decisions for the long term.

Tax Planning & Strategy

We point you toward smart opportunities to invest your wealth.

Individual, trust, estate, and personal entities are all considerations in our tax planning. Our experienced team forms proactive tax planning strategies, entity structure planning, asset protection, and coordinating individual and fiduciary tax returns. We help minimize tax liability across complex transactions and changing tax laws.

Family Engagement

We help you strengthen your family legacy.

At AmberWay, we take a human approach to build family resilience, navigate transitions, and foster multi-generational connections. Through leadership programming, wealth skills development, and alignment of family values, we help support your long-term family vision.

Estate Planning

We use proven strategies to support your estate.

At AmberWay, we know that estate planning goes beyond legal matters and tax minimization. You want to make sure your wealth benefits future generations and charitable causes with the most impact. We take into account your goals, create and execute estate plans, implement wealth-transfer plans, and provide ongoing management.

Cash Flow Planning

We give you confidence to plan for and enjoy retirement.

By setting clear retirement goals, assessing your current financial status, and creating a budget to effectively save for retirement, we set you up best for success. We consider investment strategies and factors like inflation and healthcare costs to ensure a financially secure retirement.

Who We Serve

A new day's radiant promise.

Before we even think about crunching the numbers, we take a personal interest in your story.

We’re proud to be different. To serve our clients across a variety of professions and industries with uncommon care, tailored to each situation. We believe that, without understanding your own meaning and purpose, we can’t steward your wealth in the ways that best fit your life.

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Medical professionals
  • Current & past business owners
  • C-Suite business executives
Leadership Team

The right energy and brilliant insight.

We’re a wealth services team led by bright, down-to-earth human professionals.

Our mindset is born from the authenticity and values of the rural, out-of-the-way places we came from.

Josh Johnsrud MBA


Emily Johnsrud

Client Relations Manager

Let our light lead you.

We start, not with our big ideas, but by listening to you and yours. Let’s start a conversation.